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Martus human rights bulletin system

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Here's an interesting piece of free software: it offers encryption (PGP) and off-site backup for human rights violation incident reporting. It looks like it's written in Java, and although I can only find clear installation instructions for windows, apparently it can run on linux and mac OS too (of course, it's written in Java).

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Re: Martus human rights bulletin system

It looks like an interesting tool with good use, but I'd rather if it was written in php or something alike..

Is it Free Software (besides that it depends on nonfree software)?
Are there any example sites where this is implemented?


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Re: Martus human rights bulletin system

Php? That seems like a bad idea. It means you need an internet connection all the time, whereas with Java you could first make the report in a place without internet connection (interviewing witnesses with your laptop?), then carry it (encrypted) on usb stick or floppy to headquarters. Also, using php bears the risk that someone might set it up on the space of their ISP, which might use a modified version of php that logs all communication, or someone might be completely clueless and use http instead of https. Third, setting up a php system is much more difficult than installing Java. Finally, many other languages make being cross-platform much more difficult, and this is really important because it's likely the users will use many different generations of windows and mac and whatnot.

If I say "free software" I mean "free software", not "free beer". If this was closed source, it wouldn't be trustworthy, and certainly not interesting.

Sites where it is implemented? Oh I see, you got confused by the word "bulletin". Well, here are some places where it is used:

A really good question would be: can it be compiled with GCJ?

Hey, that makes me think... maybe we can interview these guys :-D

I wouldn't mind being interviewed by them either... in the job interview sense. It seems like a cool place to work

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