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Microsoft partners with a yet another FOSS company

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Did none of these companies

Did none of these companies boards see "Mars Attacks!"?

If Microsoft call saying "We are your friends - Ak Ak Ak!", take a second to recall their record, then kick them out.

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Another interesting article:

Another interesting article: Everything except the ‘why?’.

Larry Cafiero wrote:

Noting the continuous failure of SCO’s case against IBM/Novell/Whomever (a case that was over long ago, but SCO hasn’t realized it yet), Microsoft’s legal tack could be away from suing other companies and convince a court that the distros they’ve lined up and paid for handsomely translate into an admission, in the court’s eyes, that GNU/Linux arguably does violate Microsoft’s alleged patents, and the more agreements with GNU/Linux entities they collect serves to bolster their case. As noted on one blog, a writer wrote, “See, your Honor? These Linux companies knew they were using our patents! Why, they even signed an agreement with us saying so!"

We've known about this argument before, but usually tend to dismiss it based on the likeliness that alleged patent violations are nonsense because many of the said patents are likely invalid (which is why MS isn't specifying them). But we can try to revisit the question. Can Microsoft really convince the courts that GNU/Linux violates based on supposed admissions by the vendors who signed these agreements? The thing is, even RMS doesn't really say that GNU/Linux does not violate. He thinks it's very hard not to violate software patents and that they hence shouldn't exist. But as long as they do, everything we say or do which implies that there are violations is something Microsoft will use to put us at (perceived) risk.

But where does all this lead then? An all out lawsuit? Seems unlikely. A constant and growing state of fear? Well.. that seems to be happening, and could become unbearable to some (businesses mostly). How to overcome that? This smelly FUD campaign mustn't last indefinitely.

It seems to me that even GPLv3 can't do much in this regard because companies who already signed the agreements previously sort of already made admissions so for that much, whether agreements can continue to hold or not becomes irrelevant as Microsoft got what they wanted, a basis on which to spread fear, even when GPLv3 comes. This would explain why they are rushing to make such deals before GPLv3 despite knowing that GPLv3 may make them illegal.


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... and this is expected according to the FUD against the GPLv3 in Linspire's web site a few days ago.

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