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Mind reading tech breakthrough

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"Asking 'shall we watch a film?' could soon be replaced by 'shall we watch a dream?'" says a RegHardware article about World's first 'thought images' seen on screen.

Japanese scientists apparently managed to read a mind and visualize some of its content, in this case letters previously shown on the screen to test subjects.

Add to that already existing and somewhat working tech that allows one to control a computer game with thought alone and it begins to yield the general direction mind related technologies are moving in. In the future, it now seems conceivable, we could both read the minds of others and control devices using thought alone and since some of those devices may be exactly what is giving us the power to read minds of others this increasingly begins to look like technologically enabled telepathy (two way communication between minds).

I could pose an even more extreme scenario.. What if this leads to the ability to hook up minds into a collective where aside from two way communication we also have two way control, like clustering servers into a "cloud"? Anyone who watched Star Trek probably knows what I'm alluding to here. Eye

What are the ethical implications here? How is liberty defined and defended in a world where other humans can read your mind or even vice versa? Prospects presented by these technologies make me think that individualism is growing in importance. If we can't preserve the rights of an individual now that we cannot literally invade a mind, how much worse will violations of liberty become once this private space becomes more easily susceptible to violation?


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