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New Campaign Idea

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Several months ago, I began a build of a new system. Because I am human, and have expenses, I decided to build it piece-by-piece rather than saving up and buying it all at once.

Everytime I ordered a new component, I got a plethora of driver disks and software utilities. ALL of these were for Windows and all of them included non-Free software.

So I did what I think every free software activist should do...

I sent them all back to the hardware companies, telling them that I would stop buying their products if they continued to waste money (and increase my costs) pushing non-Free software.

In each case, I encouraged them to support various Free Software projects (nVidia's letter asked them to support nouveau, for instance).

Over the past few months, I've been wondering if anybody, such as the FSF, has organized somethign like this and if not, would the Free Software community join in the simple act of sending back CD's if a resource was developed with addresses and such?

I'll gladly organize a website and campaign, but if this is already being done I'd like to support that rather than "duplicating effort" and dilluting the message.

What do you all think?

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Cool idea. I have a nice

Cool idea. I have a nice idea for a name for the campaign: "You can keep your coasters" (which would be the message sent to those companies that include coasters with their products).

(for those who don't get it: useless CDROMs are sometimes referred to as "coasters")

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Interesting idea. I would

Interesting idea. I would definitely support it.

If they are to include CDs they better have Free drivers for their products, along with the source code and full specifications. This should be the normal behaviour of every hardware manufacturer. If I'm paying for it, I should be able to know how it works and run it where and how I want to.


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good idea

I like this. Dig around on the FSF's site to see if there's someone you could email about it.



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