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New Dell Poll on GNU/Linux preferences

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Check out for Dells poll on preferences for a factory-installed GNU/Linux distro and support options.


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I filled out the poll. It's

I filled out the poll. It's recommended everyone does that in order to send a yet another clear signal to Dell, this time possibly clarifying some issues.

I wouldn't mind Dell pre-installing Ubuntu on their machines if they'd be built to work only with free drivers. gNewSense would be a good alternative, but considering that it still lags behind Ubuntu a bit in terms of latest software Ubuntu seems like something that could be more attractive to buyers.

If Dell seriously gets into this business it will also be easier, maybe, to convince Ubuntu developers to not add any further proprietary software into the OS and even cut back on that. If Dell makes PCs which can work only with Free Software and pre-installs Ubuntu, it will work without all of the proprietary stuff. In fact I think Dell has it in their interest to distribute only Free Software on their PCs to avoid the gray legal area.

So I voted Ubuntu for pre-installing. What do you think?


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I told them "ubuntu", and to

I told them "ubuntu", and to hook Canonical into the dell phone support menu ("if you have a problem with [brand for linux based dell], press 5").

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I asked for Fedora, more

I asked for Fedora, more because I can not stand Ubuntu, which is maybe the more astute choice for change.

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