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New donation button

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I have made it a bit easier to make a donation. Now all you need to do is click on a button to be transfered to a page where you can either go and log in to your moneybookers account (moneybookers is a paypal alternative) or easily make an account and then complete the transfer.

On you have a few buttons from which to choose according to the sum you would like to donate. There is a $5, $10, $20 and $50 button. If you think I should add a button for any other value feel free to say.

I might make that a real form though where you can select a value you want.

On the right in a "libervis network" block (both here and on you have a $10 button.

Making a small donation (like 10 bucks) helps. Libervis Network may not be all about making money, but it still costs money to run. I have tried to cover those costs by selling some text links (with a relative success only), but making a donation can be of great contribution as well.

Every donator is feel free to contact me about his/her donation and send me a name and even a link (to a blog, personal page etc.) that I will post on a donation page.

We could even give you an honored "donator" title. ;-)

Thank you for your support! :-)


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