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New GNU license plate

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I realize that this is a low-key way to promote GNU/Linux, but back in June I ordered the specialty license plate "GNU LNUX" in California.

I've attached the photo, which lives at:

(If that doesn't show up when clicking on it, go to my blog at: )

Again, for $40 above the regular annual registration fee, you can get a plate like it in California (like GNU ROX or I (heart) GNU or whatever seven-letter or less combination you can come up with). Other states have the same program, offering six- and seven-letter combinations.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has a GNU or GNU/Linux related license plate, and if anyone would like help ordering one (in California especially, but I think I can walk you through the processes in other states), drop me a line.

Larry Cafiero

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That's very cool. I don't

That's very cool. I don't have a car nor I live in USA, but still.. Smiling


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Dulles Area

I live in the Dulles Corridor, probably the best place to be in terms of internet tech.

I've seen the POSTGRE plate cut off the MYSQL guy on the George Washington turnpike. Laughing out loud

My old plate used to say "SAIDIN" from my favourite series of books, but I've been contemplating getting a new one. GNU GPL is pretty clear, I think.

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CCBYSA would be nice, but I

CCBYSA would be nice, but I don't have a license and I live in the wrong place too...

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