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Nextfest 2005

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the Nextfest 2005 Technological festival, featured a number of awe inspiring technologies - including new robots, a nanoplastic, a real near "cloaking" coat, and a hydrogen fuelcell Hummer.

The top of the show the Innespace Dolphin - a boat that looks and act as the famed mammal - and it has a sealed cockpit for one!

for more info, goto

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Re: Nextfest 2005

Impressive, really impressive. I'll say it again, anything is possible.. Tech festivals like this one, that are on the "edge", just prove that.

If you can imagine it, it can happen.

Kurzweil is right, technological progress is not linear, it is accelerating exponentially. He predicts that we will see as much of technological progress in the next 15 years as we seen in the whole 20th century and I think he is right there. (Although he isn't right in ignoring the cultural effects of this everlasting change and it's role as well as he's not right in aligning with monopolist Microsoft to bring about these changes).

We are living in times when revolution never stops ;-)

Maybe someday I visit nextfest :-)



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