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PuppyLinux Censorship

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Before I begin I would like to make sure that you know the creator Barry K. of PuppyLinux to the best of my knowledge is not into nor censors !

that being said the PuppyLinux community chatroom operators & some of the forum moderators are into censorship. some have been caught red-handed in the past. And now some are up to it again, only this time they are too afraid to edit the post as they have not gotten away with it as they have in the past.

This time their censorship is "pick and choose" type. They do not want to give equal rights instead they now get to pick and choose who gets treated how. In my case this is not good, as I have challenged the status quo in the past.

I have on the spot brought it to others attention on the puppylinux forum. this does not mean anything unless others take action. The censoring and what have you are not going to stop. I find it kinda sad that I am giving up instead of challenging. But the fact is that it is impossible to move forward with people who wish to stifle & doublespeak.

At this point it is obvious what others and myself must do. And that is to officially break away from PuppyLinux and create a derivative. This has nothing to do with my personal agenda of which I have discussed at Nuxified. I ask the Libervis Network to take what I have written and remember there are really people out there who do not like freedom, even the basics. I think you will understand that given your past.

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It is sad to hear something

It is sad to hear something like this happening within what is perceived as a thriving Free Software community project. I don't see what's the point of censoring though? It usually happens when someone in some sort of a leading position does something bad and wants to cover it up.

We know there are people who have certain interests which they hold more dear than the freedom of others. These interests in their minds often surpass the value of their own freedom as well because it often means power and control over others. If they truly felt the pressure of lack of freedom they would surely think differently.


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I'm not sure what you are

I'm not sure what you are talking about, but...

If the software is fine, but there is a problem in the community which is not caused by the main author of the software, then there is not necessarily a need to fork the software. Maybe it's possible to fork only the community?

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tell Berry K personally

Email/PM on forums the leader of Puppy personally.



I appreciate your input, and

I appreciate your input, and tbuitenh you are on to something ! We have began steps in that direction so it will probably be a mix of the two.

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