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Questions Summary (for FSFE interview)

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1.) Do you feel that the threat of Software Patents has gone away in the EU with last years EU parliment vote?

2.) What are the details of the FSFE involvement with the EU antitrust case against Microsoft and how much influence does it have on its outcome?

3.) Are there any plans for DefectiveByDesign type protests in Europe at this time?

4.) What are you doing doing about the new copyright law in France (DAVDSI) and how much success was there in your campaign against it?

5.) Which country would you say is the Freest in Europe at the moment in terms of it's laws on Free Software and culture?

6.) What is your stance on the Swedish Pirate Party (piratepartiet) and its goals? (The Pirate Party has spread to other countries including recently the USA as well.)

7.) How would you compare the general success of Free Software movement in Europe and USA?

8.) How would you evaluate the adoption of Free Software in European businesses? Would you name some examples of European companies that you have worked with?

9.) What do you think about the current rate of adoption of Free Software in government and how much difference do you think does it make? How fast are governments actually moving in practice after their formal adoption policy announcements?

10.) How would you estimate a potential adoption of GPLv3 throughout the Europe and how would you describe its effect on the European Free Software economy?

11.) How important do you think open standards are to achieve Free Software, and why do you think this?