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RIAA CEO's powerpoint presentation

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from boingboing:

gpdf doesn't like one page of the pdf - I believe it was 38. If it hangs, kill it and bonobo too, then restart it and skip to 39.

On pages 43, the RIAA shows it true face. Page 72 shows some propaganda linking - I'm not making this up - P2P filesharing to children being exposed to pornography. OMFG! :quoi: Laughing

note to RIAA and friends: I paid for all my cd's, I don't download "pirated" music, I'm just not buying any cd's anymore. If the music isn't free I'll just listen to it on the radio ;-)

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What a load of bollocks.


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I almost couldn't force myself to read the whole thing, but now that I did, it just strengthens my resolve on how ignorant and corrupt the media industry is.

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