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RMS: The battle against software patents must continue!

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I'd say it was to be expected. Richard Stallman has wrote a response, we could say, to the newest developments in the world of software patents (IBM's 500 patents "give away" and Sun's CDDL'd OpenSolaris).

Here is his latest article: Sun's no-op announcement

I'd say that writing an article with the message that practically says: "keep on fighting, patents are not good just because *some* show intentions of protecting free software from them*, was a good move.

Some people may have been coming into the decievement that software patents, being so "hard" to fight off may be allowed to exist in this world if they wont harm free software. They may have think that we could have these two isolated worlds, free and proprietary one that can compete, but don't hurt each other.

This article should effectively discourage such thinking since it indeed is an illusion. Software patents are fundamentally wrong, but not only that, they are still (and would almost surely remain) the biggest threat to the existence of free as in freedom software.

The fight must go on!

Thank you


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