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Shift happens (and shift shall set us free?)

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I stumbled on a video called "future of technology" and as I got intrigued by it I realized there is at least a couple of such videos posted on youtube in different versions:

- "Did you know 2.0"
- "ShiftHappens"

I'm not sure where this originated from, but it apparently spreads virally. The message is quite intriguing, something that we may easily forget or overlook, but is still inevitable and true. There is a shift happening at an increased rate. It is as if everything is growing exponentially in terms of technology and information sharing. And this has great and yet apparently inconceivable repercussions. These videos apparently call for a conversation to be started about how do we address this issue.

Basically this topic is one of a higher level in a sense of being about stepping out and looking at the big picture being drawn by numbers. They may be only numbers, but obviously they imply so much more. Just saying that everything is growing exponentially perhaps isn't saying much, but when you start thinking about implications of this, it starts meaning more than we might want to handle at once. Smiling

It comes from the question of "what will this growth eventually lead to" to the question of "how will we deal with it". Somewhere in between is a question of freedom too. Where will our freedoms be as the next and next shift happens? How do we make sure our basic freedoms and our basic ethical values in general survive these shifts?

Also, maybe the most intriguing question: If information people have access to is growing exponentially as well as the number of people who have that access (and who in turn communicate, discuss, collaborate in this network) is it even possible for any power-that-be to successfully restrict our freedoms?

I mean, restriction of freedom usually comes by means of deception and manipulation. But if we assume that the larger number of people having access to information of the world, communicating and collaborating equals the lesser chances of the common human to be manipulated into giving up freedom then perhaps as the shift continues to happen attempts to restrict, heck even in some sense "enslave" will increasingly end in failure.

Is that assumption correct? If it is then this observation is perhaps the best answer we can give to the sensational(ist) warnings like those from Zeitgeist movie.


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Availability of more

Availability of more information is not necessarily better. The more things about which we have to wonder how much sense they make, the less time we have to judge each of them. With little time to think, we might be more vulnerable to believing sensationalist [insert some disapproving word here].

In a oneliner: information age good, information overload age bad.

Speaking of information overload, I'll look at those links later Smiling .

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Good point. Then there are a

Good point.

Then there are a few things we have to define. What is "information overload" exactly; when is it manifested? I would assume that not everyone has the same threshold between information load and information overload, so to speak. I would agree that there is so much information out there that it is easy to get overloaded, but saying that just because there is tons of information all around we are automatically overloaded is like saying there is so much water in the ocean so we all must be drowning.

Overload depends on both how often and how effectively a person, willingly or not, receives and process information.

At some point I suppose it is a necessary skill to develop; filtering what you really want to receive and processing what you really believe is relevant or important to you, even if it sometimes means strictly, even cynically saying no to particular pieces of information.


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