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Shout your message for the Software Freedom Day

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Greetings everybody!

I am happy to announce everybody that doesn't knows yet that the saturday is the first annual Software Freedom Day. It is the day when the worldwide free software and open source community will celebrate software freedoms.

Therefore, i hereby invite everyone that believes in and/or supports free software and open source movements to "shout" your message to the free software community. Your message can be a few sentences in which you can express how do you appreciate free software, what do you think about it's succes or what do you think is relevant for it's continued succes.

Now, let's start!
I'll be first:

I very much appreciate that we now have a one day in a year that will be special in the heart of every individual fighting for it's own digital freedoms as well as the freedoms of all fellow people around us. What i believe would move this movement further to it's succes would be to put a stronger accent into the important issue of freedom promoting the term "free software movement" instead of the term "open source movement" because the former better describes that it is all about the ethical principles of freedom and not only about the benefits that free software brings us.

Now, feel free to post your message.
Thank you! :-)
Danijel Orsolic


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