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Something about me

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Well, hi!

My name is Ante (23). I'm from Zagreb, Croatia. I'm student on faculty of civil engineering ( Beside that, I'm working a lot around/with computers.

My first OpenSource OS was RedHat Linux 5.1 (IIRC) wich I was given in school by one teacher (now I'm trully Debian fan). Since then my life is different. It's not a frase, it acctually, really changed. I started to work with computers and make some money with them.

I'm now system administrator on some locations, did some websites, and managing one 45-node cluster for the science objectives. Etc...

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Re: Something about me

Welcome aboard! Dobro dosao! ;-)

I see what you mean by that your life has changed. You got to learn about computers much more than you could on windows which payed off because you were able to earn money from it.

Another positive fact about free software! Idea :-)



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