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Speech from Swedish Pirate Party!

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I thought this was well said!

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Re: Speech from Swedish Pirate Party!

Who would have thought that a political party from Sweden is gonna come out and start a revolution... Oh well, was that too sensational?

I am not sure, you tell me!

There is a question though. Pirate Party obviously wants to change the law and if elected in Sweden that's what they would apparently do, but change it to what? Would they simply make sharing ALL software (including that which is currently proprietary) legal (somehow force copyright into copyleft)?

Well, this article has some clues.

I would love to hear your opinions.

Thank you


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Re: Speech from Swedish Pirate Party!

If we could get the Pirate Party's attention, I think they'd listen, seeing how it fits perfectly into that speech.



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Re: Speech from Swedish Pirate Party!

Interesting articles, the both of them. I wouldn't mind seeing a US chapter with similar ideals.

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