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Sun Microsystems Interview (Simon Phipps) (changed to Patrick Finch, completed)

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I have tried to convince

I have tried to convince Simon to at least send us the answers he had already written. We'll see what happens.

He introduced me to another member of the Sun Open Source Group, Patrick Finch, who works in Europe and who would have more time for us. I'll post the data from Patrick's business card to the closed forum (where email address harvesting bots can't see it). We should review our old questions, possibly add a few new ones, and drop Patrick a line soonish...

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That's great, thanks Taco.

That's great, thanks Taco. Things have changed significantly since the last interview attempt so we'd have to modify quite a few questions and come up with a few new ones. I'll look over the old questions.. and then start a new thread for Patrick.



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