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The Knowledge Economy is obsolete.

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Read this

Restricting freedom in order to protect 'owned' knowledge is a defunct tactic, it will always be overcome, if it can be observed it can be 'pirated'. Police-State type measures will not fly, particularly in the international sphere, industrial espionage is unstoppable.

So what's the next phase for a nation wishing to gain competitive advantage? Expertise.

A client challenged a barrister on his bill. The barrister pointed to the line of bookcases, their shelves straining with large books of case law and such. The client pointed out that the books are available in the library. The barrister said "but I know which book to look up".

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Indeed. I once heard someone

Indeed. I once heard someone say (in a Croatian TV show called (roughly translated) "On The Borders of Science" actually) that in the future the people who will have an edge are not people who have the most knowledge (as collected), but people who know how to put it to use.

That's this expertise. It's not about owning knowledge nor having a large portfolio of it in your head as if you were some sort of a hard drive, nor indeed a big portfolio of patents and copyrighted materials.

The business of the future is in knowing how to connect the dots, how to best use the knowledge available. It's about wisdom, not the amount of facts. Quality, not quantity. Services, not things and objects (which will be increasinly apparent when it becomes possible to replicate even physical objects without need of manual (re)manufacturing).


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