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The Network Effect

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I wish someone would make a film describing the phenomenon that impresses me quite a lot lately, the network effect, the magic that comes out of cooperation of individuals over the network.

In a time when it is becoming more and more prevalent and its benefits more and more visible, a movie about it would fit right in. It could describe a person who cooperates on the internet on some things of interest and various ways in which intentionally or not he influences others around the world, subtly changing the world.

Certain scenes could follow on an action done by this character on the internet and the wave of "reactions" to this as they unfold over the network in various places of the world in various people's lives in various ways.

Sometimes when walking through crowded streets in a city I imagine lines connecting each of those individuals walking around me.. it comes from thinking about our society as a network rather than a bunch of disconnected individuals lately.

I imagine this sort of picture could be a nice movie scene.. Imagine the camera zooming in on a big city and then focusing on a bunch of people in a square and then computer-generated lines get animated between these people as they look and type on the screens of their mobile phones, PDAs and laptops.. depicting the networked world. Also, the animation could include pulses going through those lines between people. One pulse, for example, travels from one man through the line to a woman. The man clicks a button, the pulse travels and the woman smiles.

That would depict the way they affect each other, over the network.

It is of course obvious that we don't need this technology-powered network to affect each other, as by just talking to one another face on we affect each other. There is a point to be made on that, which just strenghtens the view of society as a network, but technology moves that concept so much further and to levels unimaginable before, by making it possible for pulses to travel between people even when contact is not made through physical space.

Who knows whether there will ever be a movie like that. I just put this out "for the record" and to add a yet another potentially interesting topic to the forums. There surely have been movies describing the network effect in some, at least marginal ways though. Not sure if there has ever been a film focusing only on it in light of technological empowerment of it.


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