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The new web front

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You know what is awesome? The ongoing active creation of a new front on the web in which Libervis community and network of projects seems to play a significant role. This new front of web publishers, promoters and bloggers is privy to the realization that freedom and practicality can go hand in hand, that freedom and business go hand in hand too and that one does not have to sell a soul to participate in either.

In other words, this is a front of people, perhaps soon even a sub movement, based on balance between values that beforehand too often seemed as opposites of each other when they really did not have to be.

In addition this web front is all about effective, attractive and FUN way of advertising serious values.

It's interesting that I can easily come up with a list of such sites coming up.

  •, and the whole GNU/Linux Matters network.
  • (I guess Helios did realize that a good way to success is to recognize that the GNU/Linux community is based on diversity and the only way to lead them towards an accomplishment of some sort that would be collective is to appeal to that quality of the community. Hence Tux Project is nothing but a neutral meeting place about GNU/Linux and Free Software marketing. (It might not be why he got involved with this, but I've mentioned this way of thinking as well as the idea of a central marketing organization both in email and on LXer forums Eye ).
  • (Land0 just registered it, gonna contain a blog about freedomware as the new brand for all Free Software.)

Of course there are others, but these are all the projects that I've, one way or another, been involved with and ALL of them are basically becoming our allies. Why this matters to Libervis is obvious. In addition to our community and our little network of web projects we are creating an expansive network of friends that can and will connect with our community. In the end, we will accomplish great things!

And it's just begun.


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Make a webring.

Make a webring. Smiling

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Don't forget about the

Don't forget about the programming projects of Nuxified members!

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Of course, that's what

Of course, that's what Nuxified.COM is about. Smiling


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I guess in this case COM

I guess in this case COM does not mean the usualy COMmercial, but COMmunity. ;-)

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Yes, indeed. Actually,

Yes, indeed. Actually, that's how we used to advertise as well (since pretty much the beginning), as Smiling

Today we just take it as implied. Sticking out tongue


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Are we looking at Web3.0a?

If Web2.0 from an economic perspective is about corporates making it off user-generated content, maybe Web3.0 is about suppliers having a fair share of the divvies because the systems they use are created by the community, for the community.

Could we see websites with a fairtrade logo in the future?

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