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Thoughts on Olympics in China?

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I suppose you might be one of the 4 billion people who have supposedly watched the opening ceremony of Olympics in Bejing so there's a good chance there's no need for me to introduce you to what it is.

The fact China has been awarded Olympics stirred great controversy considering that Chinese government routinely violates human rights, at least more so than most other governments in the world.. But regardless, "Bejing 2008" is here and has been marked as not only a sport event, but a political message of China to the world, a "coming out" party as some have called it. Croatian television even boldly called it their way of telling the world that China is going to be at the top of the new world order, which is all the more interesting when you consider what NWO criticizers think NWO actually is; a one world super state ruled by a one world government. Bejing 2008 slogan is, curiously, "one world, one dream".

Some may say China is opening up to the world.

But here is the gist of what I personally think about all this:

It is not China which is opening up to the world. It is the world which is opening up to China, becoming more and more alike. Instead of changing China's oppressive regime the west is changing their own regimes into more oppressive ones, until one day we all end up in a one big f*cking fascist state called "Earth".

How about that?


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Great Sum Up

This article here is highly recommended. What's great about this one is that it's a purely IT centric view of the Olympics and the impact it has on the rest of the world.

He shares your opinion that the world might be opening to Chinese ways. His fears, frankly, are that the Olympic games happen without a terrorist attack. Why? Because it's already been threatened, and if Chinese levels of authoritarianism "prevent" it, how many other nations change from the "Communist China - Enemy of Freedom" to the "Secure China - Enemy to Terrorism" and begin imitating the Chinese government people's tactics.

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Great article and great

Great article and great point. Pity I can't bring myself to feel surprised or shocked. Instead I feel numb.. all we can do is spread that article to make people less susceptible to accepting this potential course of events should it happen. And we can also grow ourselves individually into mentally free people whose humanity wont be subverted if the worst happens.


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nowadays the olympic games

nowadays the olympic games have already been polluted by commercial and political stuff, no matter where they are running.

actually I think it's a good thing if people can run the olympic games without political or commercial intents, although someone may compare this with the "open source" way of thinking (that technology should not be associated with freedom), it's a different thing anyways. However the reality is not like that.

btw, I don't even think that the "olympic ideal" can be archived with sports.

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I didn't watch the olympics.

I didn't watch the olympics. I don't subscribe to cable tv, and have no desire to watch them. Last time I watched TV (in a hotel room) I was disgusted with what I saw. The good news is less people are watching this time around. (because they are too busy watching youtube and updating their myspace page)

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I don't really mind if the

I don't really mind if the olympics are tied to the message of freedom in general. I actually don't think anymore that when one speaks of freedom one is necessarily speaking of politics because today I view politics in a bit different light - a science of making decisions for other people instead of making them only for yourself and those who directly volunteer to follow them.

Of course, whatever positive message existed behind olympics it's largely corrupted and if someone would claim that this sort of unity has always been a message of the olympics then I'd reject it off hand as self contradictory. At the same time as they are showing off diversity of the world's people through competition they are calling for uniformity and unity. That does not compute.

About people not watching it as much... IIRC there was more viewers of the opening of the olympics in China than ever before, around 4 billion people estimated. Of course, this could be easily false information, but anyway..

It may be that less of them watched the actual games though due to the internet. I know I didn't pay much attention and I only watched partly the opening on TV, which was more incidental than intentional.


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