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Ubuntu Conference in Zagreb, Croatia

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Well looks like Croatians are lucky and quite active this year. Aside from the iCommons conference in June which I plan to attend there is an Ubuntu Conference in March 31st (yes in about three weeks) in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia of which I am only 30km away and it's easy for me to go. Smiling

So of course I'll attend. I may not be a big Ubuntu fan or anything, but it's a nice and easy to use opportunity to meet some GNU/Linux people and listen to some potentially interesting talks. I'd be crazy to miss it.

Not sure if this is too late for anyone else to plan, but if you're interested it'd be great to come. You can sign up here:

The number of attendees is limited though so if anyone decides to go you should sign up soon. The sign up form is in croatian so here's a quick translation:

Application for the Ubuntu Conference
Zagreb, 31.3.2007

Email address:

And the button says "send!". Smiling

OK here is also a translation of the main info page:

The First Ubuntu Conference in Croatia!
Zagreb, 31.3.2007.

On a day 31st March 2007, in the hotel International, there will be held the first Ubuntu conference in Croatia. Get to know the news and secrets of Ubuntu distribution from programmers themselves. Discover business possibilities in talks with representatives from Canonical and Croatian companies which deal with Ubuntu.

The conference will be held in the space of conference halls of the hotel International. The participants of the conference are assured wireless internet access, a meal between two parts of lectures and a lot of interesting topics. Entrance to the conference is free. The conference starts at 9:45 AM with a short introduction into the topics, and the first lecture will be at 10:00 AM. At 1 PM there will be a break with a meal and the last lecture will end at 5 PM. Lectures are classic, 30 to 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for guest questions and/or rest between lectures.

Because of the limited number of seats, it is necessary to apply in order to participate in the conference. You can apply here. Those who didn't apply will not be able to attend the conference.

Lecturers at the conference:

Mario Splivalo, Ubuntu-hr
Filip Skoblar, Ubuntu-hr
Senko Rašić, Rei,Ubuntu-hr
Daniel Holbach, Canonical, Ubuntu developer
Christopher Kenyon, Canonical, business development manager
Ante Karamatić, Init, Ubuntu-hr

If you wish to see a translation of any of the lecturer description pages just let me know and I'll post it. Smiling

Edit: Translated and posted as news. I know it's not really the standard "featured news" material, but this is an exception considering that we may be the closest to the source and only ones with an english version. Although it's mostly for Croatian people I guess, some may want to come from neighbouring countries, for english lectures etc. And it's still good to let the world know it happened. Smiling



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I might be coming, but I am

I might be coming, but I am not sure yet will I be in Zagreb at that time, so I'd feel a bit guilty applying now, but then again number of seats is limited...

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Well if there is a chance

Well if there is a chance that you'll be in Zagreb and if in that case you would surely come, maybe you should apply. If it turns out you can't go I doubt you not coming would be such a big problem.

Depends on which case has bigger probability. Smiling


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It wouldn't be a big

It wouldn't be a big problem, the thing is that I want to go. I'll probably apply and see if I can come. About the probability, I really have no clue how big it is, eventually it will stabilize at 0 or 1 (either I won't come, or I will) Smiling.

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