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We are making an impact. (the personal success story thread)

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I went into an (American public) school computer lab (which unfortunately uses Windows (some use OS X) and MS Office) to finish up an assignment at lunch today. While I was working, I overheard the person in charge of the lab at the time (I think just a librarian) talking to some teacher about what they were going to teach (or give a guest presentation about to) a class. I think it was a photography or art class, but it was certainly some class that involved copyright.

My first thoughts were "Oh great, feeding more disgusting propaganda bullshit to the masses." To my positive surprise, the person doing most of the talking actually knew what she was talking about: I heard her talk about fair use, what is required to copyright a work, how wrong Disney is, and Creative Commons. I had to focus on my assignment almost until class started, but as I was leaving I suggested that free software be mentioned as well. Her response was like "Oh, you mean like open source?" I said kind of, but did not have the time to explain thoroughly. I got the impression that she liked the idea and was actually going to mention it.


Share your successes with introducing people to free culture.



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This is great to hear.

This is great to hear. Finally the message is getting through here and there. Smiling

I don't have a great success story at the moment, but I am seeing a really good uptake of Free Software or at least semi-Free Software distros like Ubuntu.. A good personal example is my sister which uses it mainly and has mentioned it to a friend who is suddenly interested in trying it too. You know, it could be that a "common" person-to-person advocacy works a whole lot better than a geek-to-person advocacy. There is no that implicit assumption that we're just ranting about "our stuff". So it may actually be more powerful when my sister recommends Free Software than when I do it, sometimes. Smiling



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