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Why AMD-MHz don't equal Intel-MHz

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Re: Why AMD-MHz don't equal Intel-MHz

Kasatka wrote:
Interesting. I knew they clocked at different speeds, but anything beyond that I was totally in the dark. Thanks for the post.

Actually, both were at the same clock speed, but performances measured by one were greater than the other. This article basically explains how this can be due to differences in design of these chips which has become very complex.

Clock speed of a processor really don't mean much anymore. In that sense I would actually support AMD's naming scheme for processors. Why? Intel basically created an axiom that the Mhz value equals speed and that belief suited them while it wasn't true anymore. So AMD, by naming their processors with numbers equivalent to even-performanced P4's actually makes perfect sense.

So one Athlon XP 2000+ in all likelyhood is as fast as Pentium 4 at 2000Mhz


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Re: Why AMD-MHz don't equal Intel-MHz

Ah, yes, clock speed isn't what I meant to say, but I make mistakes too apparantly. Sticking out tongue

I've had AMD XPs and I've had P4s, and for all uses I prefer the P4. I don't know about the new AMD64s though, and how they handle heat, as AMDs have always had heat issues in my experience.

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