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Windows Live loves us

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I was looking through my stats today, largely provoked by the site reporting there are 420 people on it at that moment, when I saw a few surprises. A good web master looks at his statistics every day I suppose, but I guess I'm not so attention/money grubbing guy after all so I look at them only once in a while and generate attention and traffic only organically, naturally, by actually producing good content. Sticking out tongue

Ok, that sentence is a bit loaded. Sticking out tongue So let's get to the point. We have more traffic than I thought (almost 2000 a day regularly, twice more than some months ago), most visitors are using Firefox and Windows, we have lots of search engine respect and a site which referred to us the most this month was Smiling

Now on to the interesting part; almost twice more search engine traffic came from Windows Live than from Google. Yes, this site gets more traffic from Microsoft than from Google!

Now this is just this one site, but for me it's a first sign of what I'm afraid might be a trend... is potentially overtaking Google's search engine domination? If yes, what do we take of it? I mean, Google aren't exactly monks either, but.. Microsoft is usually perceived as much worse.


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The weird thing is I'm

The weird thing is I'm actually now feeling good about getting traffic from Windows Live more than Google simply because it indicates a decrease of total dependence on Google and its traffic.

The question is now.. can my desire for more competition in the search engine space outweigh my despise for Microsoft?


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I've gotten a growing

I've gotten a growing dislike for Google. The American rock/folk artist John Mayer says it best in "Waitin' on the World To Change":

When you trust your television
What you get is what you've got.
When they own the information
They can bend it all they want.

I mentioned this to my wife, that Google's role in out lives is getting dangerous... Search google for "Beauty" for instance, and you don't get sunsets, you don't get waterfalls, you get a site to SELL cosmetics. We all think we tell Google what's relevant, but it may be the other way around... "Freedom" returns "US" in (i think) every result on the first page... As if the US is the key to being "Free".

That said...

At least Microsoft isn't bending Free Software advocacy out of the picture. Google pledges to "Do no Evil" but nobody's even made that claim to Microsoft... I think that may show a sign of growth. Smiling

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