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I gotta admit that I'm being drawn to, despite the fact that I basically "run" the I have some blogging ideas and I like to blog every now and then and for this I find to be the most potentially enjoyable blogging service.

In fact, I'd consider getting a personal domain name for my blog hosted at

But of course, that puts me in a rather odd position because of, so I'm not sure what'd be the right thing to do..

Btw, among my blogging ideas is something I've been thinking about for a while, a free-form science fiction story that would evolve naturally as I come up with stuff I find interesting, as an experiment, seeing where it leads and what it turns into.


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Why not install the

Why not install the wordpress software here?
If you publish the story using a free(-ish) license, it makes sense to do it on libervis blogs.

You might want to try to estimate how much the libervis blog service costs you, and how much income it generates. It may make sense to migrate all libervis blogs to (or elsewhere) and start a libervis blogring.

/me waits for storm of protests about pushing users to Smiling

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It's not that I couldn't

It's not that I couldn't continue blogging, even this story, on Libervis blogs, of course. It's that I like the interface, its ease of use, but also that I could buy a domain name through them for my blog so that it is a real domain and not something like

It's just attractive.

Libervis blog service doesn't cost me much though. It takes some space (disk and database), but that's not too much. The income is a funny thing all over this network. It's all advertising (and not even aggressive at all) so nothing we actually do around here directly generates any income. Sticking out tongue Same is with Libervis blogs. They don't show any ads, but because sometimes posts get published through other sites they can be a generator of traffic and ranks that are then attributed to the main host, which helps keep ranks up and hence the advertising value.

So there is some value in keeping it here. I'm just not entirely sure how much exactly.

Well, one way of thinking about it is that even if I don't blog exclusively on Libervis blogs, that doesn't mean the service must go. So what if I'm running it? Those who prefer to blog with something else than WordPress and like the Libervis way of things can blog at Libervis. Others can blog wherever they want.

Sure it's not a very good way of promoting and pitching to new users, but we probably can't compete with WordPress, blogspot and other services at this point without some major investments anyway, so it's here for people who need it and want it, as long as they do. Once they don't.. well... I guess it can be nicely archived and put to bed. Smiling

In the meantime we'll have much greater sites and income generators.

But anyway, I didn't decide anything yet.


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I don't much care for the

I don't much care for the blogging software itself, as long as it works. Having b.l.c here or on WPs servers doesn't make that much difference, nor does using WP software here. There is nothing wrong with having a blog @ WP and a blog here, I have a personal blog which I host myself, and I post tech/Foss things here - because I doubt you'll find my opinions of the Geography teacher's teaching very interesting!


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Hmm, I am using my blog

Hmm, I am using my blog currently more often than before..
It is mainly about my helping of GNU/Linux.
I don't keep a blog for other things, just that, to echo my efforts in a condensed form. Eye
I also have it on the Planet Tuxhacker page, which ain't launched just yet, but is due soon.. I hope. This grabs from my libervis feed. Smiling
I am wanting to join a few other feeds, and also start a few other. This should hopefully gain you some attention [though this is not the question at hand].
Most of my blogs are read through things like this, so I don't tend to care about the backend, just the front end...



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