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Writing a free e-book? Publish it with us!

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If you are a writer writing free e-books about anything that has to do something about open source and free software you are invited to publish it on our site for free download. You can also write about it and about the subjects you are covering in it in an article you can submit to be published and commented on here. If you are interested just contact me through the contact us form with the 'e-book submission' in the subject line with the e-book in the attachement line or a link to it's download elsewhere.

That is a great way to contribute and support at it's beginings as well as promote yourslef when it becomes more known.

Thank you!


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Hey folks, I was just

Hey folks, I was just digging around a bit in the past of and found this thread, which seems to be the second ever here. At least it's 2nd from the bottom on the last page of the "recent posts".

When I saw the topic I thougt "Hey, have a look inside", and I think I just write this repl right now because I want to bring it up for discussion, because I think this might be a nice idea.

What do you guys think, after 3.5 years of this treads existence. ;-)

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