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You are a superpower!

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After opening this topic I went to remind myself a bit further about "anti-globalization movements" by reading on it in wikipedia. That's where I've came to the link to another wikipedia page on "second superpower" which contains something I just had to say on these forums (to have the feeling and thought put down before it escapes).

This quote strikes a special chord with me:

In March, "The Nation" magazine cover story titled "The Other Superpower". Jonathan Schell wrote:

"The new superpower possesses immense power, but it is a different kind of power: not the will of one man wielding the 21,000-pound MOAB but the hearts and wills of the majority of the world's people." [2]

And in light of the 2003 anti-war protest which brought together 10 million people around the world in the common cause you can see just how powerful we, yes the smallest people, can actually be.

Thinking about that you should realize that "I can't do anything about it" statement just doesn't hold anymore.

You are superpowerful. Just act and cooperate. is the place to start.

Thank you


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Re: You are a superpower!

Beautifully spoken. In most cases, it's been the will of the "common" people which has built and destroyed the mightiest of men, of nations, and of ideals. The "powerful" minority has only so much sway over us.

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