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Video Compilation on Free Digital Culture

This page features a list of some of the best inspiring and potentially enlightening videos you can download and watch freely. They might motivate you to learn more about Free Culture and Free Software. If you find more great videos on this topic for which you believe are worth including here feel free to suggest it below in comments.

Educational Videos:

The Corruptibles

A fun but insightful video about the future we face if we allow big entertainment industry (e.g. Hollywood) to get their way with legislations such as the "Audio Flag", "Broadcast Flag" and "Analog Hole" designed to restrict the way we use our devices for their sole benefit.

"Trusted Computing"

This video explains trust and its relation with the "Trusted Computing" concept propagated by the computer industry. As it turns out "Trusted Computing" doesn't have much to do with mutual trust, but rather an imposition of their control over your digital life. They are building a so called "Digital Rights Management" (DRM) technology to make your devices obey them, not you. Why? Well because they do not trust you, but they still, by all means, want to profit from you.

Promotional videos:


This promotional video by RedHat illustrates a system of choice in a networked world. To quote the text seen in the video: "When simple elements create complex systems, choice is multiplied, power is distributed and the system finds the best way. It's not the cells, it's the system." Free Software is the best way for this system to work for the ultimate benefit of both the system (a community) and an individuals that comprise it (users and developers).

"Truth Happens"

There were always naysayers, people who were trapped in the past, people with lack of vision for the future. Those kinds of people will usually laugh at you for pursuing something different until they find themselves left behind and try to fight you as if you are to blame for leaving them behind. Unwilling to face technological progress and what it enables and unwilling to embrace the new ways and possibilities they fight us, but ultimately we will win.


It is inevitable, as this video suggests. The Free Software revolution is here and it is going to change the world. The change has already begun and this video touches on some of the events that are showing that.

"Prodigy" IBM Linux Advertisement

This is one of the most inspiring and motivating videos promoting Free Software, in this case GNU/Linux, a Free operating system usually called by its kernel, Linux, a word which in minds of many is actually an alias to the Free Software revolution. Some of the things said in this video are quite valuable to understand, such as this: "What he learns, we all learn. What he knows, we all benefit from." This clearly illustrates a networked system of cooperation that Free Software thrives on.


Eben Moglen on Free Software

Eben Moglen from Software Freedom Law Center speaks about American ideals and the great compatibility that Free Software has with those ideas. Free Software is about the level playing field, a Free Market, an environment that allows everyone to build and innovate freely. He also suggests that we are living in a time of a velvet revolution, a Free Software revolution obviously.

Cory Doctorow on threats to Free Culture

"Cory Doctorow, co-editor of popular blog BoingBoing, EFF Fellow, and award-winning science fiction author, discusses the circular nature of advancement and restriction in visual art, literature, radio, television, and music. Learn about digital rights management technologies like Broadcast Flag, DMCA, Trusted Computing, and the companies we know and love who are behind this crippleware."

Free Culture: What we need from you (from LinuxWorld 2006)

Lessig explains four levels of the network; physical, logical, application and the content layer where the logical layer is essentially free and by itself uncontrolled. Control is introduced in the application (proprietary software), content (overreaching copyright and DRM) and even the physical layer (loss of net neutrality) and this control we must oppose. If we do not we will end up in a "read-only" culture of consumership rather than the "read-write" culture of vast creativity. Lessig aptly explains Free Culture and how we need to fight for it.

Lawrence Lessig on Free Culture

Although not of great quality, this video features Lawrence Lessig, a law professor, author of the book "Free Culture" and the founder of Creative Commons, explains what Free Culture is about, at least concerning works of art such as music and movies. It is definitely worth a watch.

Richard M. Stallman on GNU and Free Software

"Richard Matthew Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project which started it all (the Free Software Movement), speaks about Free Software, it's ethics and why is it so important. He has been giving this speech in many places around the world. This video is from January 4th 2006 Kaplan Center in New York. You can find more of his freely downloadable speech videos by searching Most high quality version is available here. His speech on dangers of software patents is also available here and is recommended."

Eben Moglen on Microsoft, Novell and his involvement in a Free Software movement

Eben Moglen lays it all out for us in an easy to understand way. In a video series of an interview Joe Barr of conducted with him, Eben Moglen explains some of the crucial modern issues regarding Free Software in the present and in the future. He talks about the Microsoft-Novell deal, the impact of GPLv3, the nature of Microsoft's monopoly, his involvement in the Free Software movement and the inevitable future that it moves us to.

Some interesting quotes from the fifth video:

"Stallman was a giant, and I stood on his shoulders and I saw the terrain."

"Microsoft made it appear that a software was a product for a little while, but knowledge is rarely a product and the technological information about the terms on which we and the digital brains exist; that's not a product. That's a culture. That's the record of the positive human beings and the other in conversation. It's like literature, it can't be a product. So what's we are discovering is that it's a culture made by communities."
Watch the videos. You wont regret it. Eben Moglen is one of the truly world changing people.

We may add more videos to this page as we find them. You can suggest a video for inclusion yourself as well. Simply post a link below in comments.



Novell shows how proprietary software licensing can go wrong for users. Very funny.

Is there a way to view this

Is there a way to view this without proprietary flash? :puzzled:

Yes, download


Yes, download and open it in vlc or mplayer Smiling . Many flash videos can be "fixed" by looking at the html of the page they're on and looking for a path to a .flv (flash video) file.

Rather funny dylunio

Rather funny Smiling


Watched it now. It's

Watched it now. It's awesome. Smiling

The Disney Trap: How


The Disney Trap: How Copyright Steals our Stories

Brilliant, if you can stand the over-the-top sarcasm.

The Disney Trap

tbuitenh wrote:

The Disney Trap: How Copyright Steals our Stories

Brilliant, if you can stand the over-the-top sarcasm.

Indeed it is brilliant, it transfers the message well.

Indeed. This message needs

Indeed. This message needs to circulate more often. All we really do is remix and mash up. No creation is completely from scratch and completely from one individual.

When people see that they'll look at copyrights differently.

Copyright issues


I think there will always be "Copyright Steals our Stories" issues. Don't trouble yourself with it, just accept it. I know I did.

"Accepting" a problem, in


"Accepting" a problem, in other words choosing to ignore it, is a way of dealing with it. But not really.
I don't mean this as a personal attack, but don't you think "just accept the problem, don't trouble yourself with it" is a bit strange attitude for someone who promotes drug rehab in their signature?

Anyway, we certainly shouldn't accept changes to copyright law that make copyrights last even longer. If you want to keep the law as it is, I disagree but I can understand.

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